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Dr Jeremy Pawley, Dr Simon Hill


Dr Kim Purvis, Dr Samantha Cooke and Dr Sarah Haworth

Welcome to 

Main Road
GL20 7QN

01684 773444 Please be advised we no longer have a fax machine.

Please forward all correspondence to sowoccg.bredonhillsurgery@nhs.net



If you need to order medication or have a query the dispensary e-mail address is SOWOCCG.dispensary.bredon.hill.surgery@nhs.net.

Please be advised we do not currently confirm receipt of your e-mail. All requests will be dealt with on the day. E-mails received after 5pm on a Friday may not be dealt with until Monday morning




Maternity Update - Visting ( posted on Jul 9, 2020 )


From Weds 8 July:
1 person will be able to accompany women in labour (please be aware that they may be asked to leave the area if additional healthcare staff are needed to assist with the birth)

1 partner may be present at the start of an induction on the maternity ward for one and a half hours and may stay throughout established labour and for 4 hours following the birth

After birth, 1 visitor is permitted to visit for one hour per day

Scans: from mid-July only

Work is currently underway to ensure our scanning facilities are COVID Safe, which will enable social distancing. We estimate that from mid-July, partners will be able to attend scans alongside their partner. We will be asking birth partners to wear a face covering whilst in the scanning room and adhere to social distancing requirements. Both parties should wear a face covering as soon as they enter hospital buildings.

We apologise for any disappointment for those who have scans this week, but please do not attend with your partner until we have confirmed the date that our facilities will be ready to enable partners to attend.

Lifestyle Advisor - support for you ( posted on Jun 30, 2020 )

Want to feel healthier and happier? 


Onside Lifestyle Advisor can provide support

Cervical Cancer ( posted on Jun 11, 2020 )

Cervical screening during coronavirus: How does it work now?

5 million women are invited for cervical screening every year in the UK but over the last few months many tests have been postponed and invitations paused. We also know that cervical screening isn’t always easy and coronavirus might have made it more complicated. 


Visit jostrust.org.uk or call our free Helplineon 0808 802 8000

Registered Charity Number: 1133542 / SC041236


What is cervical screening?

Cervical screening (a smear test) is a free health test available on the NHS as part of the nationalcervical screening programme. It helps prevent cervical cancer by checking for a virus called high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cell changes. It is not a test for cancer.


Who is invited for cervical screening?

 In the UK, you are automatically invited for cervical screening if you are:

• between the ages of 25 to 64• registered as female with a GP surgery.You may get your first invite up to 6 months before you turn 25. You can book an appointmentas soon as you get the invite.


How often will I be invited for cervical screening?

 Your cervical screening result will help decide when you are next invited for cervical screening.

You may be invited:

• every year

• every 3 years

• every 5 years

• straight to colposcopy for more tests.


Helpful tips for cervical screening

• Ask to book a longer appointment if you think you may need more time during or after your test.

• Take someone you trust with you, to wait with you or be in the room during the appointment.

• Tell your nurse if you are anxious or if there is anything that makes the test difficult for you.

• If you feel comfortable, wearing a skirt or dress may help you feel more covered.

• Ask for a smaller speculum if you find the standard size too uncomfortable.


What happens at the appointment?

 Your nurse gives you a private space to undress from the waist down and asks you to lie on a bed.They will gently place a clean speculum into your vagina. A speculum is a hollow cylinder with a rounded edge, usually made of plastic or metal. It opens so your nurse can see your cervix.Your nurse will then use a small, soft brush to gather cells from your cervix.That’s it! Your sample of cells will be sent for testing. You should get your results by post within 2 weeks.


What is HPV?

 Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus that 8 in 10 of us will get at some time duringour lives.


There are over 200 different types of HPV. Around 40 types affect the genital area:

• Most do not cause any problems.• Some cause skin conditions like genital warts.

• About 13 types are linked to cancer – these types are called high-risk HPV.How do people get HPV?HPV is usually passed on through skin-to-skin contact. For HPV that affects the genitals,this includes:• oral, anal or vaginal sex

• touching in the genital area

• sharing sex toys.You can get HPV the first time you have sex. In fact, anyone who has ever had any type of sexualcontact can get HPV – it’s not just about penetrative sex!HPV does not have symptoms and there is no treatment, which can be worrying. 


Try to remember it is common and, in 9 in 10 people, the immune system gets rid of HPV within 2 years.Sometimes the immune system can’t get rid of HPV and it stays in the body. This is calleda persistent infection.HPV and cervical cancerAlmost all cervical cancers (99.7%) are caused byhigh-risk HPV.High-risk HPV can cause the cells of the cervix to change.We call these cell changes (abnormal cells). Cell changesare not cancer but, if they progress, they may develop intocervical cancer.As well as cervical cancer, high-risk HPV is linked to othercancers that affect men and women, including anal, vulval,vaginal, and some head and neck cancers.


What is the HPV vaccine?

 The HPV vaccine helps protect you against some types of human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV isa really common virus – in fact, most of us will have it at some point in our lives.Our body usually gets rid of HPV without any problems, a bit like a cold. Sometimes, HPV stays inour body. If it does, over time it may develop into cancers or genital warts that affect men and women.


Can I have the HPV vaccine?

 Your school will offer you the HPV vaccine between age 11 and 13.If you miss having it in school, you can get it from your GP until you are 25 years old. This applies if you:

• are a girl and were in school year 8 (England and Wales), S1 (Scotland), or year 9 (NorthernIreland) in September 2008

• are a boy and were in year 8 (England and Wales), S1 (Scotland), or year 9 (Northern Ireland)in September 2019.You can talk with your parent or guardian to decide if you want the vaccine.Having the HPV vaccineLike most injections (jabs or jags), the HPV vaccine goes into your upper arm:

• If you are under 15, you have 2 injections, usually over 12 to 24 months.

• If you are 15 or over, you have 3 injections, usually over 6 months.If you are worried about the injection, you aren’t alone – lots of people get nervous about it.It might help to chat with your parent, guardian or school nurse before, so they can give yousome support.


Is the HPV vaccine safe?

 We know that the HPV vaccine is safe because it has beenstudied and lots of people have had it. Any side effects areusually ones that happen after any injection, like havinga sore arm for a bit.If you, or your parent or guardian, want to know more aboutside effects.


After the HPV vaccine - If you are a girl and have had the HPV vaccine, you will still be invited for cervical screening(a smear test) from age 25.The HPV vaccine doesn’t protect against all types of HPV that may cause cervical cancer,so cervical screening is still an important test. Cervical screening checks that your cervix ishealthy and you don’t have HPV.

Friends and Family ( posted on Feb 7, 2020 )

Please clickc here fot the results of 2019

What affects your mental wellbeing? ( posted on Feb 4, 2020 )

The Healthy Minds Team could help


Contact 0300 3021313 or visiit https://www.hacw.nhs.uk/now-were-talking to find out more

Health and Wellbeing Service ( posted on Jan 21, 2020 )

Health and Wellbeing Service

South Worcestershire GPs are offering a new service for their patients

This service supports patients with learning more about healthy eating, weight management and improving your diet as well as supporting patients with stress management.

The sessions run on a Tuesday evening 6.30pm – 7.30pm at Farrier House Surgery, Worcester.


Weight Management Clinics


Lose weight and understand how nutrition plays a key role to your well-being in a supportive environment. 


Recipes will be shared.


These sessions are for all ages.


Stress Management Clinics


This service is here to support patients who may be feeling overwhelmed with everyday life’s stresses and strains.


The sessions focus on techniques and strategies for identifying stress, and then how to manage that stress.




If you would like to attend one of these sessions please contact your GP surgery who can refer you.


SEPSIS - What every parent should know ( posted on Jan 21, 2020 )

If your child is unwell with a bug or infection, is rapidly getting worse and you are worried that their illness seems different, it could be sepsis.

Sepsis is a rare but serious complication of an infection


Click here for the leaflet to check your childs symptoms

Importance of attending tour URGENT 'two week wait' referral in hospital ( posted on Jan 2, 2020 )

Your GP feels your symptoms or recent test results require further investigation to rule out cancer or serious disease.

Whilst your symptoms may indicate you have cancer, the majority of patients referred under the two week wait appointment scheme do not.


What is a 'Two week wait' referral?

A 'Two Week Wait' referral is a request from your GP to ask the hospital for an urgent appointment or investigatioon/specialist tests within 14 days. GP's can diagnose and treat most symptoms themselves, however on some occassions a hospital assessment is required.


What happens next?

You will be contacted by the HOSPITAL informing you of the date and time of your appointment, test(s) or investigations. This will be within two weeks of the referal date at one of the three main Worcestershire Hospital sites.


Please make sure you will be available and that we have the correct contact details for you


Your appointment

Prior to your appointment, you will be given further information about what will happen next depending upon your symptoms.

Planning on having kids? Are you Ready? ( posted on Nov 26, 2019 )

Planning for pregnancy tool


Toomy's, in partnership with with Public Health Engalnd , RCOG and UCL, has developed a Planning for Pregnancy disital tool that raises awareness of the importance of pre-conception health and to support women with information and resources.


The tool will take you through a questionnaire and uses your answers to provide tailored information on what you can do before pregnancy to have a healthy baby and pregnancy. You will also be able to get follow up support and advice.


Please visit the website https://www.tommys.org/pregnancy

Social Prescribing ( posted on Nov 19, 2019 )

Bredon Hill surgery has a social prescriber joining the team. They will be working with us on a Wednesday every other week.


What is social prescribing? Social prescribing enables a GP to refer you to a link worker. Link workers give people time and focus on what matters to the person as identified through shared decision making or personalised care and support planning.

Social prescribing schemes can involve a variety of activities which are typically provided by voluntary and community sector organizations. Examples include volunteering, arts activities, group learning, gardening, befriending, cookery, healthy eating advice and a range of sports. 

Social prescribing can work for a wide range of people, including people:  with one or more long-term condition(s); who need support with their mental health; who are lonely or isolated; who have complex social needs which affect their wellbeing.

Recognising that people’s health is determined primarily by a range of social, economic and environmental factors, social prescribing seeks to address people’s needs in a holistic way. It also aims to support individuals to take greater control of their own health.



A leaflet with further details is avaliable at reception


St Richard's Hospice Living Well Centre ( posted on Nov 19, 2019 )

St Richard’s Hospice is widening access to patients and their loved ones living with a serious progressive illness with the launch of a new Living Well Centre at its base in Wildwood Drive, Worcester.


Individuals can now be referred to the Living Well Centre one day a week on a 4 to 12 week therapeutic programme (previously Day Hospice); to attend an Out-patient Clinic or to take part in one of many Living Well courses, social groups and information sessions.

A copy of the booklet with further details is avaliable in the surgery waiting room


The changes reflect the move to a rehabilitative model of care based on a stepped approach which will see a natural progression as physical and emotional needs increase.


The Living Well Centre is in a new extension built as Stage 1 of the hospice’s Build 2020 appeal and includes the redeveloped former day hospice rooms. It is light, modern and spacious, enabling a greater number of therapeutic sessions and activities. We are able to offer patients care and support from diagnosis, through treatment to their last days in flexible ways to suit their needs and lifestyles.


You can find out more about the Living Well Centre at www.strichards.org.uk/live-well or contact our Gateway team on 01905 763963.

Hear for you - living confidently with deafness and hearing loss ( posted on Sep 12, 2019 )

The Charity organisation Gloucestershire Deafness Association offers services you might be interested in. Please go to https://www.gda.org.uk for full details


Services offered include:


Hearing aid clinics - NHS hearing aid wearers can attend an appointment to get hearing aids cleaned and re-tubed and pick up new batteries. Clinics are held monthly and you can call 01452 372999 to book an appointment


Weekly lip reading classes - Monday afternnons 2pm to 4pm. £4 per session

Availability of medicines and medical products ( posted on Sep 5, 2019 )


If we are unable to supply your medication via our suppliers we can ask the doctor to prescribe an alternative or we can provide a signed script so you can try and obtain the medication from a pharmacy 


There have recently been reports in the media about medication supply issues. Different medications and medical products can be affected throughout the year


British Menopause Society update on HRT supply shortages (9 August 2019)

In response to the recent reports of HRT shortages, the British Menopause Society has produced this update on the current availability of HRT products.

There have been availability issues with many HRT products. Some of these are related to manufacturing shortages, while others are related to supply issues. These are temporary shortages which pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers are trying to resolve.

They indicated that availability of the Evorel range of products in the UK has been impacted following an unusual increase in demand over recent months; hence some pharmacies and dispensary have been experiencing shortages of certain products.

The GPs or the clinical pharmacist will be able to provide guidance on suitable alternatives.


Please speak to the dispensary staff if you have any queries regarding the supply of your medication

Helping people with health conditions to get active ( posted on Sep 5, 2019 )

Sports Engalnd are working with 15 leading health and social care charities to inspire and support those with long-term health conditions build physical activity into their lives


Charities involved

Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, Asthma UK, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now, British Lung Foundation, British Red Cross, Diabetes UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind, MS Society, Parkinson’s UK, Rethink Mental Illness, Royal Voluntary Service, Stroke Association and Versus Arthritis


People with health conditions are twice as likely to be inactive. Over a third do less than 30 minutes of activity per week.

Being physical can help you to manage long term conditions such as:


depression and anxiety




Heart disease, stroke and other conditions


Physical activity helps people reduce anxiety and fatigue; improce self confidence, self-esteem and general mood; and prevent additional conditions developing



Ear wax services (offered by third party providers) ( posted on Aug 13, 2019 )

James Osborne Optometrists

Cross Keys House1-3 Swan LaneEvesham WR11 4PA

Tel: 01386 47997



The optometrists will now be offering a "Wax Removal Service"  inpractice to run alongside sight tests, hearing tests and podiatry services.


The wax removal clinic is being run by the audiologist, Thomas Lewis, from Bloom Hearing.


The Cost of this service is

£30 for 1 ear OR £50 for both ears


lf you are interested in booking an appointment please call the store, telephone 01386 47997, or alternatively email uthe team with any questions at hroptics@optician.com.




Andrew Bird Hearing Ltd - Cheltenham


To book an appointment call 01242 262551  or visit the website https://www.andrewbirdhearing.co.uk




Please pick up a copy of the Bredon Hill Surgery ear leaflet for tips to help with ear wax or download a copy from the dowloadable forms

Parents - help to pay for childcare ( posted on Aug 8, 2019 )

If you are a working parent(s) and have a child/children 3-4 years old you may be able to claim free childcare for 30 hours per week , during term time.
To check your entitlement and for the full details of eligibility, visit https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

ReSpect - Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment ( posted on Jun 28, 2019 )

ReSPECT is a process where the healthcare team and the patient talk together and work out a personalised plan for potential future emergency treatment, including a resuscitation decision 


ReSPECT is a nationally agreed process and form and will be implemented in all Health and Care settings in Worcestershire form 1st July 2019.



Please click on the links below for further details:


ReSpect - Summary


Information for patients and famalies of patients


Parent Guide




Locations of the defibrillators the Parish Council has installed around the parish. ( posted on Jun 20, 2019 )

CHT CPAD Sites - Gloucestershire

CHT Box Number

Access Code

WM Ambulance PIN

Description of CPAD location

Make and Model of AED

Site Name


Post Code






Bredon Village Hall

Bredon Village Hall Main Road Bredon

GL20 7NQ




Outside the entrance to Bredon Village Hall

Powerheart AED G3 (Cardiac Science)









Drapers Spar  Bredon

Church Street, Bredon

GL20 7LA

CHT RT-1335

N / A


Outside the entrance to the shop. On left hand side of door.        

Life Line AED (DefibTech)









Kinsham Telephone Kiosk

Cheltenham Rd  Kinsham

GL20 8HP

CHT RT-1383

N / A


Inside the Former BT Telephone Kiosk

Life Line AED (DefibTech)









Queensmead Telephone Kiosk


GL20 7NF

CHT RT-1382

N / A


Inside the Former BT Telephone Kiosk

Life Line AED (DefibTech)









Westmancote Telephone Kiosk

Hill Close              Lower Westmancote

GL20 7ET

CHT RT-1381

N / A


Inside the Former BT Telephone Kiosk

Life Line AED (DefibTech)









Bredon Cricket Club,Westmancote

Bredon Cricket Club, Hill Close, Westmancote

GL20 7EU

CHT RT-1334

N / A


Outside the building on the right hand side of the main entrance.

Life Line AED (DefibTech)









Bredon's Norton Village Hall

Bredon's Norton Village Hall

GL20 7EZ

CHT RT-1384

N / A


In the Open Porch of the Village Hall.

Life Line AED (DefibTech)









Bredons Hardwick  Cross Keys Pub

Bredons Hardwick  Cross Keys Pub



N / A


Outside the left hand side of Pub

Life Line AED (DefibTech)









The defibibrillator at the surgery is also available during syrgery opening times

Breast Screening ( posted on Jun 13, 2019 )

Women between the ages of 47-49 and over the age of 70 can self-refer to the breast screening programme. Bredon Hill Surgery uses Hereford and Worcester screening service (http://www.bscreen.org.uk)

The NHS Breast Screening Programme began in 1988. It provides free breast screening every three years for all women aged 50 and over. A randomised trial evaluating the effects of extending the age range for breast screening is now underway. This means women aged 47-49 and 71-73 may receive an invitation for screening. Women in these age ranges who do not receive an invitation can contact us to request an appointment.

The Breast Screening service can be contacted on

wah-tr.herefordandworcesterbreastscreening@nhs.net or phone 01527 488 055. 

Victim Support ( posted on Jun 6, 2019 )

The services are free, copnfidential and Available to everyone, whether or not a crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened.


If you have been a victim of any crime or have been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, Victim Support can offer emotional and practical support and help you beyond crime and help you get your life back.


Contact 01905 726896

or e-mail westmercia.varc@victimesupport.org.uk




Victim Advice Line (West Mercia) 0800 952 3000

Events ( posted on May 21, 2019 )



The Tea Service - Every week  ***CURRENTLY SUSPENDED



http://www.besocialwinchcombe.com - Dance with Parkinsons


Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven - Live lf well programme

A 10 week programme for those mobing on from breats cancer

Wednesday 29th January - 1st April 2020

Wednesday 30th September - 9th December 2020

10.00am - 12.30pm at the McClelland Centre - sessions are free of charge

For further details and to book a place : wellbeing@worc.ac.uk or call 01905 542001





mind song - Breathe in Sing out


This is aimed at providing a new way to self-maange COPD or persistant respiratory conditions using breathing techniques taught through singing techniques, ant therefore introducing better ways of breathing.


The group sessions are currently run online, using Zoom (by invitation). If someone cannot access the internet, a DVD can be sent containign songs and exercises.


The 12 week course for Gloucester is held Wednesday 1.45pm


For further information contact 01242 511522 or maggie.grady@mindsong.org.uk

Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) Self Referral ( posted on Mar 14, 2019 )

MECS is an NHS funded service. The service provides patients experiencing recently occurring medical eye conditions with the appropriate treatment.

The service is provided by local optometrists at approved opticians with the specialist knowledge and skills to carry out this work.


Which medical eye conditions can be treated by MECS?

  • Reduction in vision in one or both eyes
  • Red eye(s)
  • pain and/or discomfort in the eyes, around the eye area or temples
  • Recent onset or sudden increase in flashing lights and/or floaters in one or both eyes
  • Suspected foreign body in the eye 

If you are unsure whether your symptoms qualify for the criteria, please contact one of the approved opticians listed below.


How do I access MECS?

Please see the list of opticians below. Please be advised that your normal optometrist may not choose to offer this service.

You can contact any of the approved opticians (below) directly (self-refer) to make an appointment and ask to be seen under MECS. Alternatively, if you make an appointment to see your GP, he or she may refer you to the optometrist.


What happens when I see the optometrist?

The optometrist will discuss your eye history, any symptoms you may be experiencing, and any related medical history. You will receive an eye assessment relevant to your symptoms.


Please take a list of current medications and your glasses with you to the appointment.


As a result of the consultation you may be:

  • Given apporpriate treatment by the optometrist, this may include a follow-up appointment
  • Referred to your GP for appropriate treatment if your eye condition is related to your general health
  • Referred directly to the hospital eye service if you eye condition is more serious.

Following your appointment, the optometrist will notify your GP of the outcome of the consultation in order to ensure your medical records are updated.


Additional informtion:

  • You may not be able to drive immediately after your MECS examination
  • This service does not replace your routine eye examination. A sight test will not be provided as part of the assessment or treatment and you will not be issued with a prescription for glasses.
If you have any of the following conditions you must go directly to A&E:
  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Considerable eye pain
  • Significant trauma, such as a penertrating injury or lacerations to the eye(s) or lid(s)
  • Chemical eye injury or burns
  • Problems arising from recent eye surgery

If you have any eye condition which is being monitered by your optometrist or hospital eye service (such as cataracts, glaucoma or dry eye) this will not be covered by MECS.



List of Opticians providing MECS


Town/City Practice Name Address Telephone Number
Worcester Actons Opticians 10 Cornmarket, WR1 2DR 01905 22156
Boots Opticians 72-74 High Street, WR1 2EU 01905 25613
Brauchil Opticians 7St Swithins Street, WR1 2PY 01905 26193
Geoffrey Roberts 38 St Johns, WR2 5AJ 01905 423217
Specs Express Opticians 10 St Swithins Street, WR2 2PS 01905 613037
Specsavers Opticians 64 Broad Street, WR1 3LY 01905 729779
Worcster Eyecare 91 Sidbury, WR1 3LY 01905 863585
Alvechurch J & D Masons Optoicians 23 The Square, B48 7LA 0121 4478682
Bewdley Perrigo Opticians 25 Load Street, DY12 2AE 01299 403722
Bewdley Boots Opticians 64 High Street, B61 8EX 01527 872583
Chapman Opticians 103 High Street, B61 8AE 01527 836290
Eyecare Opticians BHI Parkside, Stourbridge Road, B61 0AZ 01857 888599
Eyedeal Eyecare 46 High Street, B61 8HQ 01527 579777
Specsavers  131 High Street, B61 8AE 01527 579815
Bromyard Andrew Jelley Opticians 34 High Street,HR7 7AE 01885 488259
Droitwich Spa Boots Opticians 52 St Andrew Square, WR9 8HE 01905 774661
Robert Ellin Opticians 41 Ombersley Square, WR9 8QS 01905 773054
Specsavers Opticians 10 St Andrews Square, WR9 8HE 01905 790660
Evesham James Osborne Opticians 1-3 Swan Lane, WR11 4PA 01386 47997
Specsavers Opticians 24 Bridge Street, WR11 4RR 01386 423301
Kiddiminster Boots Opticians Unit 15 Weavers Wharf, DY10 1AA 01562 824474
C G Stephens Opticians 2 Church Street, DY10 2AD 01562 822803
Chapman and Myers 5 Vicar Street, DY10 1DE 01562 822276
Edmund Proctor Associates 20 Birmingham Road, DY10 2BX 01562 745850
Specsavers Opticians 2 Coventry Street, DY10 2DG 01562 823552
Ledbury John and Diane Miller 27 High Street, HR8 1DS 01531 632290
Malvern Holland Opticians 16 Graham Road, WR14 2HL 01684 573942
John and Diane Miller Chartwell House, WR14 2AZ 01684 564766
Specsavers Opticians Malvern Retail Psrk, Roman Way, WR14 1PZ 01684 567465
Tromans Family Eyecare 255 Worcester Road, WR14 1AA 01684 565145
Waller and Waller Opticians Lambert House, Edith Walk, WR14 4QH 01684 892727
Pershore Pershore Eyecare Centre 16 Bridge Street, WR10 1AT 01386 555675
Peter Smith Opticians 14 High Street, WR10 1BG 01386 553922
Redditch Bainbridge Opticians 14 Kingfisher Walk, B97 4EY 01527 64691
Boots Opticians Kingfisher Centre, 7 Kingfisher Walk. B97 4PY 01527 63068
Eyedeal Eyecare 9 Evesham Street, B97 4ET 01527 68777
Specsavers Unit 14 New Walk, Kingfisher Centre, B97 4YP 01527 595558
Winyates Unit 8, 17 Winyates Centre, B98 0NR 01527 529010
Stourbridge Julian Hill Opticians 108 Hagley Road, DY8 1QU 01384 374232
Hagley Eyecare Studio 41 The Old Wood Yard, Hagley Hall, DY9 9LQ 01562 887138
Tewkesbury Specsavers 3 Bishops Walk, GL20 5LQ 01684 273027
  Please be advised there may be additional Opticians offering MECS - If you have any queries please ask at reception


Smoking Cessation ( posted on Feb 12, 2019 )

Do you need help to quit?


For help and advice there are various websites you can visit including: (Please be advised the link opens using Goggle Chrome)


You can get a free personal plan to help you quit



Stop smoking treatments

If you want to stop smoking, any pharmacy can advise you on products to help you beat your addiction and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

The best treatment for you will depend on your personal preference, your age, whether you're pregnant or breastfeeding and any medical conditions you have. 


An example of something that may be recommended is:


Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

The main reason that people smoke is because they are addicted to nicotine.

NRT is a medication that provides you with a low level of nicotine, without the tar, carbon monoxide and other poisonous chemicals present in tobacco smoke.

It can help reduce unpleasant withdrawal effects, such as bad moods and cravings which may occur when you stop smoking.

Where to get it and how to use it

NRT can be bought from pharmacies and some shops. 

It's available as:

  • skin patches
  • chewing gum
  • inhalators (which look like plastic cigarettes)
  • tablets, oral strips and lozenges
  • nasal and mouth spray

Patches release nicotine slowly. Some are worn all the time and some should be taken off at night. Inhalators, gum and sprays act more quickly and may be better for alleviating cravings.

There's no evidence that any single type of NRT is more effective than another. But there is good evidence to show that using a combination of NRT is more effective than using a single product.

Often the best way to use NRT is to combine a patch with a faster acting form such as gum, inhalator or nasal spray.

Treatment with NRT usually lasts 8-12 weeks, before you gradually reduce the dose and eventually stop.

Who can use it

Most people are able to use NRT, including:

  • adults and children over 12 years of age – although children under 18 shouldn't use the lozenges without getting medical advice first
  • pregnant women – your doctor may suggest NRT if they think it would help you quit; 
  • breastfeeding women – your doctor can advise you how to do this safely

Always read the packet or leaflet before using NRT to check whether it's suitable for you.

Sometimes it may be advisable to get medical advice first, for example if you have kidney or liver problems, or you've recently had a heart attack or a stroke.

Possible side effects

Side effects of NRT can include:

  • skin irritation when using patches
  • irritation of nose, throat or eyes when using a nasal spray
  • difficulty sleeping (insomnia) sometimes with vivid dreams
  • an upset stomach
  • dizziness
  • headaches

Any side effects are usually mild. But if they're particularly troublesome, get some advice from a pharmacist or your GP

11-19 years old - text your school nurse ( posted on Jan 31, 2019 )

Click here for the number and further details if you feel you need help and support

Don't wait until it gets worse, ask your pharmacy team first ( posted on Jan 25, 2019 )

Bredon Hill Surgery has a clinical pharmacist, Sofia Tasleem. You can book an appointment by contacting reception. 


If you prefer you can contact/visit a high street pharmacy.


Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals with the clinical know-how to give you the help you need. They can assess minor illness and recommend the right treatment, whether it be over-the-counter medicines, a few days rest or a bit of reassurance


Pharmacists can help with many aspects of healthcare. They provide healthy living services and support to help you quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and lose weight.


They are the right people to see with minor health concerns such as:

sore throats, coughs, colds and flu, tummy troubles, teething, red eyes, constipation and diarrhoea and many other minor concerns


For more information and to help you find your nearest pharmacist, visit


Have your say - Help shape a prevention and early intervention service for children and young people aged 0-19 and their families ( posted on Jan 22, 2019 )


0-19 Prevention Services

We want all children and young people in Worcestershire to live healthy, happy and fun filled lives and to reach their full potential. We also want to improve outcomes and reduce the demand for more specialist services. To achieve this we need our services for children, young people and families to help prevent problems occurring in the first place and to identify problems early or as they emerge so they don’t get any worse.


We are commissioning a prevention and early intervention service for children and young people aged 0-19 and their families. The new service will provide a single joined up service to include:

•Health Visitor services: who carry out child development checks for pre-school children and additional support when needed

•School Health services: who work with children and young people aged 5-19 and additional support when needed

•parent and family information and advice

•groups, activities and support within community settings

•parenting support


We are asking for your views to help shape the new 0-19 prevention service.  We want to hear from parents, children and young people as well as professionals and practitioners working with children, young people & families.

Please complete our on-line survey and promote and circulate widely amongst your organisation/service. http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/0to19servicesurvey

Bereavement Advice Centre ( posted on Oct 22, 2018 )

There are many practical issues to manage when somene dies. Bereavement Advice Centre can offer you support and advice on what you need to do next.


The service can provide help with 

  • what to do first when someone dies
  • how to register a death
  • finding a funeral director
  • probate and other legal procedures
  • money and tax issues
  • finding support

Call freephone 0800 082 1215 or visit www.bereavementadvice.org


The service can also provide help with probate, tax and benefits



  • What is probate?
  • Do I need probate?
  • What choices do I have and how much will it cost?


  • Do I need to pay tax?
  • What type of tax?
  • Who do I contact?


  • What types of bereavement benefits are available?
  • Am I eligable for these benefits?


A practical guide leaflet from the Bereavement Advice Service is available in the surgery

Advice - do you have a urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? ( posted on Aug 10, 2018 )

Please click here to find out when you should contact a doctor and for further details of the treatment

Counselling Directory Service ( posted on Aug 10, 2018 )

Counselling Directory is a confidential service that encourages those in need to seek help. People can visit our website, enter their postcode and find a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist nearby who specialises in the area of need. Our site also serves as an information hub for people to read mental health-related articles and news, as well as to find local events.

Counselling Directory
e: melissa@counselling-directory.org.uk
w: www.counselling-directory.org.uk
t: 0844 803 0252

fb: www.facebook.com/CounsellingDirectory
tw: www.twitter.com/Counselling_UK


Macmillan - Move More Worcestershire ( posted on Jun 15, 2018 )

Move More Worcestershire


Over the past eighteen months Macmillan Move More has been working with Macmillan to support people living with and beyond cancer to become more active.  So far, Move More Worcestershire has engaged with over 100 patients and supported them in their physical activity journey.


The programme provides specialised, individual support starting with a one to one consultation with the Physical Activity Co-ordinator at a time and location to suit the individual.  The meeting will:


-          look at what becoming more active could mean for quality of life

-          help overcome some of the concerns around getting active

-          help identify goals and barriers

-          help identify activities the individual would enjoy that are appropriate to   their capabilities and lifestyle

-          Sign post them to local activity opportunities.


Ongoing support is provided for 12 months, as required.  This could be in the form of further face-to-face meetings, telephone calls or texts.


This programme will be funded until October 2019


If you would like to talk to us about how we can support you, or you would like any more information about the service, please contact Diana Fox, Move More Physical Activity Co-ordinator, on 01905 855 498 or email movemoreworcestershire@worc.ac.uk.


Diane is level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation qualified and has personal experience of using exercise as a way to help with a cancer diagnosis.


Patients often feel more confident in getting in touch with our service when recommended by someone in a health setting and if you wish you can discuss this with your doctor. 






Immunisations for foreign travel ( posted on Mar 20, 2018 )

Please be advised that only NHS travel vaccinations (Tetnus, Diptheria, Polio, Hepatitus A, Thyroid) will be given at the surgery. If your travel intinary requires you to have other vaccinations and advice AND/OR you are travelling within the next 6 weeks then you may be advised to go to a travel clinic.


If you are travelling abroad:


Please complete a travel form available from reception (1 per person) or on this website (surgery newsletters and downloadable forms section)


Return the completed form to the surgery - this needs to be at least 6 weeks before your travel date, so that any vaccinations required can be given in time.


On returning the form to the surgery you will be asked to make a telephone appointment with a practice nurse. The nurse will ring you and discuss your vaccinations and if necessary advise if you need to use the services of a local travel clinic.


To find the nearest travel clinic please go to the website www.bewareofthe bugs.com


We can provide a print out of any previous vaccinations you may have had at your request - please contact reception

Stroke Association information ( posted on Dec 19, 2017 )

Please click here for details re stroke recovery and act F A S T

Headspace - Give the gift of 5 minutes today ( posted on Nov 21, 2017 )

The British Medical Association (BMA) has launched a campaign to highlight the importance of looking after yourself while working under winter pressures.


Helping yourself remain mentally healthy and fit it vital. With the help of free mindfulness and meditation previews from Headspace, always try to give yourself five minutes during your break.


If you ever find yourself struggling to cope, or just need to talk to someone, contact BMA counselling or the Doctors Advisor Service on 0330 123 1245


For more information, including two month's free access to the mindfulness app Headspace, as well as links to the BMA's counselling and Doctor advice service, more details are available at www.BMA.org.uk/advice/work-life-support

Changes to contraceptive services for the over 25's ( posted on Oct 17, 2017 )


There is no longer funding for patients aged over 25 to be seen for contraceptive services at Tewkesbury Hospital, The Milsom Centre Cheltenham, nor Gloucester Hope House.


"If you are over 25 years old and require routine contraception, the Specialist Service may direct you to your GP. This includes requests for the contraceptive pill, injections, and the fitting and removal of coils and implants. All GP practices have nurses and doctors trained to provide contraception.

If you are seeing your GP for the contraceptive pill, please take your current pill packet with you so they know which brand you are using.

Remember to plan ahead and contact your GP to make an appointment before your prescription is due. If you are using the contraceptive pill, and are unable to get an appointment with your GP, a pharmacy can provide you with a month’s supply to tide you over. Please take a strip of your current pill with you."


For further information: NHS Choices http://www.nhs.uk/chq/Pages/1011.aspx?CategoryID=73


You will require a referral from your GP to still be seen at the clinics and for coil/implant fittings.


If you require further detaials of the GP Practices offering the services or require a referral please contact reception

Dr Tribley can remove a coil  but cannot replace them _________________________________________________________________________________


If you are under 25 these services are offered by the practice within normal surgery hours.  Please make an appointment at reception. Also family Planning consultations may be available at Cheltenham General Hospital or Tewkesbury Hospital, you can contact them directly.

Please telephone 0300 422 2374 to arrange an appointment

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