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Welcome to the
Bredon Hill Surgery

 Dr Kim Tribley, Dr Jeremy Pawley, Dr Simon Hill & Dr Kim Purvis
Main Road
GL20 7QN

01684 773444
01684 772315

Stroke Association information ( posted on Dec 19, 2017 )

Please click here for details re stroke recovery and act F A S T

Physiotherapy (SELF REFERRAL) - Evesham Community Hospital ( posted on Dec 13, 2017 )

If you wish to be seen by a physiotherapist please go to the ’ Move to Improve website’. There is a self referral form to complete and your request will go straight to the hospital for review.


The Musculoskeletal self-referral form is only for MSK conditions, not Women’s Health, Neuro physio domiciliary etc. Please ask your GP for advice if you are unsure





Fire Safety Guidance for professionals are carers who support people with care and support needs ( posted on Nov 23, 2017 )

West Midlands Fire Service. Click here for the guide

Headspace - Give the gift of 5 minutes today ( posted on Nov 21, 2017 )

The British Medical Association (BMA) has launched a campaign to highlight the importance of looking after yourself while working under winter pressures.


Helping yourself remain mentally healthy and fit it vital. With the help of free mindfulness and meditation previews from Headspace, always try to give yourself five minutes during your break.


If you ever find yourself struggling to cope, or just need to talk to someone, contact BMA counselling or the Doctors Advisor Service on 0330 123 1245


For more information, including two month's free access to the mindfulness app Headspace, as well as links to the BMA's counselling and Doctor advice service, more details are available at www.BMA.org.uk/advice/work-life-support

Health Visitor and children's drop in clinics ( posted on Nov 14, 2017 )

Susan Ricketts has recently taken over the role. She is based at Pershore Health Centre and can be contacted on 01386 502068 between 8.30-4.30pm


Other heath visitors : Breda Coffey and Caroline Carey


Please pick up a guide for parents to be and those with children up to school age from the surgery


You can also access advice on the Health Vistors telephone advice line 0300 123 9551 

Monday-Friday 8.00am - 16.00


Pershore/Evesham Health Visiting Clinics - Drop In


Tuesday 10.00 - 12.00pm Pershore Medical Centre Pracetice, Community Meeting room, Queen Elizabeth Road, Pershore, WR10 1PX


Evesham Christian Vale Centre (Merstow Green) Tuesday 10.00 - 11.15am


Evesham Adventure Playground (Woodend by Morrison's)

Wednesday 10.00 - 11.30am


Tewkesbury/Gloucestershire Health Visting Clinics


Noah's Ark Children's Centre, York Road, Tewkesbury GL20 5HU

Thursday 1 - 2pm (every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month)


Northway/Ashchurch Children's Centre, Virgina Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 8PT

Monday 10.00-11.00AM (1st and 3rd Monday of every month)

St Richards Hospice ( posted on Nov 3, 2017 )

St Richard’s Hospice provides free specialist palliative care for patients living with life-limiting illnesses and supports their families. Each year the hospice team supports over 2,500 patients and family members in Worcestershire.

The hospice works to help people make the best of their lives despite the effects of their illness. The care provided is tailored to the individual needs of each patient and cares for the whole person; physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

St Richard’s is an independent charity and relies on voluntary donations to fund the care of seven out of ten patients and family members. 

Tel: 01905 763963 Website: www.strichards.org.uk Address: St Richard’s Hospice, Wildwood Drive, Worcester, WR5 2QT



Temporary Changes to the St Richards Day Services  - 2017/2018


From the end of October 2017 to spring 2018, Day Hospice will temporarily move in to the Snowdrop Centre at St Richard's Hospice to allow for building works. During this time the hospice cannot offer bathing or accept referrals for patients who need hoisting. The Gateway team will be happy to discuss other appropriate hospice support for any new referrals. If you have any queries please contact Claire Gijselhart (Day Services Manager)

Changes to contraceptive services for the over 25's ( posted on Oct 17, 2017 )


There is no longer funding for patients aged over 25 to be seen for contraceptive services at Tewkesbury Hospital, The Milsom Centre Cheltenham, nor Gloucester Hope House.


"If you are over 25 years old and require routine contraception, the Specialist Service may direct you to your GP. This includes requests for the contraceptive pill, injections, and the fitting and removal of coils and implants. All GP practices have nurses and doctors trained to provide contraception.

If you are seeing your GP for the contraceptive pill, please take your current pill packet with you so they know which brand you are using.

Remember to plan ahead and contact your GP to make an appointment before your prescription is due. If you are using the contraceptive pill, and are unable to get an appointment with your GP, a pharmacy can provide you with a month’s supply to tide you over. Please take a strip of your current pill with you."


For further information: NHS Choices http://www.nhs.uk/chq/Pages/1011.aspx?CategoryID=73


You will require a referral from your GP to still be seen at the clinics and for coil/implant fittings.


If you require further detaials of the GP Practices offering the services or require a referral please contact reception

Dr Tribley can remove a coil  but cannot replace them _________________________________________________________________________________


If you are under 25 these services are offered by the practice within normal surgery hours.  Please make an appointment at reception. Also family Planning consultations may be available at Cheltenham General Hospital or Tewkesbury Hospital, you can contact them directly.

Please telephone 0300 422 2374 to arrange an appointment

Missed flu vaccination (Worcesterhsire Schools) ( posted on Oct 13, 2017 )

If your child goes to school in Worcestershire and has missed their flu vaccine a catchup clinic is being held at Churchfields in Bromsgrove.


You will need to telephone 02477 710950 for further advice


All children who missed their chance to have the vaccination at school should have received a slip with this information on.


If they cannot make it to Bromsgrove they will need to wait for another catch up clinic to be held at a more convenient time or place.

GP Report = Annual Health Checks for people with learning disabilities ( posted on Aug 9, 2017 )

Please click on the LINK to access the information regarding annual health checks for people with learning disabilities.

Information to Patients about Clinical Contact Centre ( posted on Jan 31, 2017 )

Bredon Hill Surgery News

Surgery Doctors get more time to see Patients


A telephone triage system was introduced in April 2015 whereby patients who phoned in wanting to see or speak to a doctor that day would be phoned back by one of our own doctors.  It was found that more than two thirds of problems could be resolved straightaway without the need to visit the surgery, except perhaps to collect a prescription.  However, this meant that one doctor each day became unavailable to see patients, and more patients had to see one of our locums.

A new system commences on February 8th aiming to give our Partner doctors more time to see patients in the surgery.  Patients phoning the surgery for a same day appointment will be offered a telephone appointment with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) at a Clinical Contact Centre (CCC) in Worcestershire unless they meet certain criteria, e.g. home visit requests; concerns about some ongoing medical conditions which have recently been discussed with a doctor.  If the call is for an urgent problem, or considered to be unsuitable for the CCC, the patient will be called back by a GP as per the existing system.  The CCC nurses are qualified and authorised to prescribe medicines for you to collect at a pharmacy/dispensary of your choice, or to refer you back for a surgery appointment or a test.  For working patients, the phone appointment can be arranged for a time that is more suitable for the patient, for example, in the evening or the next day. 


These changes mean that more patients can be seen by our Partner doctors rather than by a locum, and the doctor can spend more time with most patients.  It is expected that more appointments will happen on time, and time spent in the waiting room will be reduced.  For patients whose needs are less urgent, it will be easier to book an appointment with a doctor of their choice than in the past.  This is especially important for patients with ongoing conditions who need to see a doctor regularly.


In addition to the system described above, some patients may be referred by the surgery or CCC to an “extended hours clinic“ at the Evesham Community Hospital.  This option will be integrated into the CCC system and can be of further benefit to working patients.


Our Receptionists have been trained to work with the CCC, and we expect we shall all appreciate the benefits as patients and staff get used to the new system.


Please look out for up-to-date Newsletters when you visit the surgery.  You can also read these on our website, and see copies of this and other patient documents on the PPG page.


Mike Barrett


Elaine Cantle (PPG chair)


Angela Maile (Practice Manager)

National Institute for Health Research ( posted on Jan 18, 2017 )

There are some really interesting articles on this website.


Please click below link for more information;-



You have been referred to see a Specialist ( posted on Dec 22, 2016 )

This leaflet provides guidance on what to expect when you are referred by your GP to see a specialist (or therapist).  Please read this information carefully – it may save you an unnecessary trip to the surgery by talking this process through with your specialist.


Tests and Investigations

All tests and investigations required by the specialist must be ordered by them and the appointments sent to you.  If the specialist requires blood tests he/she should give you a request form which you can take to whoever normally provides blood tests in your area.  This varies and may be your surgery, hospital or community clinic.


The specialist is responsible for acting upon the results of any tests he/she requests and for informing you of the results.


If you haven’t heard from the specialist about a test result please ring his or her Secretary at the hospital.  Unfortunately your surgery may not know the result and will not know what the specialist intended to do with the information.



If the specialist prescribes a new medication or changes one that you are on please ask them to provide you with the first prescription.  This may be on a white prescription that can be used in the hospital pharmacy or on a green one that you can take to your normal pharmacy.


Upon notification from the specialist your surgery may automatically add the medication change to your repeat list on the computer.  You will then be able to order re-supply without an appointment.  You may need to telephone your surgery to confirm this or use on-line services if you have registered for them.


If you are uncertain what changes the specialist is making please ask them to explain it to you at the appointment.  It saves you having to see your GP to discuss something he or she may only know of from a short letter of explanation.


Sick or Fit Note (Med3)

If you need to be certified as unfit for work as a result of the treatment provided by your specialist (or therapist) he or she should issue a sick note when you are discharged from hospital or seen in the clinic.  Please ask for one if you need it.


Follow Up Appointments

If you need to be seen again the hospital will provide you with another appointment.  Please ask the specialists’ secretary if it does not arrive in a timely way.


In summary, the specialist is responsible for:

  • Looking after all your tests
  • Providing urgent prescriptions when needed
  • Issuing a sick note if required
  • Providing you with a follow up appointment if necessary

Worcestershire LMC

St Stephens Surgery, Adelaide Street


Worcestershire  B97 4AL


Registered office: St Stephens Surgery

Adelaide Street

Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 4AL

Registration Number: 6236780

Tel. 01527 65082

Email:  lsiembab@worcslmc.co.uk



Herefordshire LMC

Mortimer Medical Practice, Kingsland

Herefordshire   HR6 9QL

Ear Syringing ( posted on Oct 25, 2016 )

Please click here to view information on Ear Syringing

Notes on the apointment system July 2016 ( posted on Jul 27, 2016 )

We understand that sometimes the system for booking appointments with a doctor or nurse can seem confusing so we would like to explain the different ways these can be arranged.  Some of these are being trialed over the summer period in order to maintain access to appointments during this time, for example the use of Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) and as always we welcome your feedback.


  • At 8am our telephone lines are opened and the on-line booking service releases the new day’s appointments.  For the doctors these will be up to 2 weeks in advance; for the nurses and Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) the appointments can be booked up to 6 weeks ahead
  • For urgent and “same day” problems, your name will be added to the list of the clinician doing telephone triage on that day – this may be one of the regular GPs, a locum GP, or an ANP.  This means that you will be called back, usually within the hour but we cannot guarantee this, and the doctor/nurse will assess the best course of action for you.  This might be an appointment at the surgery, home visit, a prescription, or onward referral to the hospital or other healthcare service.


When a GP partner is the “duty doctor” they will be working at the surgery doing telephone triage and seeing urgent patients, however, they won’t have any pre-bookable appointments on that day.  Unfortunately this limits the availability of the doctors for advance booking of appointments – hence the use of ANPs on a trial basis.  If you have difficulty arranging an appointment, please discuss this with the Reception team who will do their best to find a solution for you.  Initially this may involve a telephone consultation with your regular doctor or one or our locum GPs.


Please be aware that the Receptionists have no control over the appointments that are available for them to book.  They will always endeavour to find a suitable appointment for you with the clinician of your choice but if this is not possible they will usually advice that they will make enquiries on your behalf and call you back as soon as possible.  We respectfully ask that you do not blame the Receptionist for any difficulties you have booking an appointment.


Only the GPs have the authority to add in extra patients or extend clinic times.  However, doing this may mean that other patients have to wait longer to be seen or that the doctor takes longer to do other work such as signing prescriptions, making referrals, returning telephone calls etc.


We are always looking for ways that we can improve patients’ experience of our services and we welcome comments and suggestions as to how this might be achieved.  We have “Complaints and Comments” leaflets available at reception, and on-line, if you would like to share your ideas with us.  More immediate concerns can be raised with Angela Maile, Practice Manager, BHPM@nhs.net

Stop Smoking ( posted on Mar 8, 2016 )

Stop smoking

Well done on taking the first step!  Quitting is the best thing you'll ever do and there is plenty of help available.

Why should you quit?

Here are just a few reasons to stop smoking;

  • Every cigarette you don't smoke saves you money
  • Your breathing and general fitness will improve
  • You will protect those around you from the harms of second hand smoke
  • You reduce the risk of developing heart disease, cancer and other smoking related diseases

Have you tried to stop before?

Don't worry, you can get help to try again, and stop for good.

How can I give up?

It's never too late to improve your health and giving up smoking will help you to do that. There are a number of ways to help you to stop smoking including mobile phone apps, text messaging and email support.

Have a look at these websites for tips on how to quit:

From 1st April 2016 Worcestershire will have local stop smoking services for pregnant women only, however, anyone can go to a local pharmacy for information and advice about quitting and nicotine replacement therapies.

If you live outside Worcestershire you may be able to access further support to quit. To find more information about this visit: Stop smoking services.

Stop smoking medicines

Some people find nicotine cravings the hardest thing to handle about quitting; there are stop smoking medicines available to give you the extra support you need to beat the addiction. To find out more about stop smoking medicines visit NHS Smokefree and NHS Choices - Stop smoking or drop in to your local pharmacy.

What if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy?

Stopping smoking is the most important thing you can do for your baby. Both you and your baby will feel the benefits straight away. Advice and help is available from your midwife or local pharmacist.

More information about quitting smoking during pregnancy is available here:

The Worcestershire Pregnancy Stop Smoking Services can offer you face to face specialist support to help you to quit and help with nicotine replacement therapies like patches and gum. Find out more here:

How soon will your health start to benefit after you stop smoking?

Here's the good news:

  • After 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse return to normal.
  • After 8 hours nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in blood reduce by half and oxygen levels return to normal.
  • After 48 hours carbon monoxide will be eliminated from your body. Lungs will start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris. There is no nicotine in your body. Your ability to taste and smell will already be improved.
  • After 72 hours breathing becomes easier. Bronchial tubes begin to relax and energy levels increase.

Find out more here: Health benefits of stopping smoking.

Smokefree Places

Following national legislation is it now against the law to smoke indoors, in cars with someone under 18 present and some sites are now Smokefree. Look for signage to show you where you can or cannot smoke or you could face a penalty. To find out more about the legislation visit Government UK. Action on smoking and health (ash).

Further information and advice

NHS Choices Stop Smoking site offers advice and support to quit smoking.

Spotlight on Learning Disability Primary care Liaison Nurse. ( posted on Jan 28, 2016 )

The Primary Care Liaison Nurse is a specialist learning disability practitioner who has the knowledge and skills to provide training, advice and support for Primary Care staff in meeting the health needs of people with a learning disability.

How do you access the service?

Your Primary Care Liaison Nurse is employed for 15 hours a week by Worcestershire health and care NHS trust.

Kay Dalloway

Adult and community services

PO Box 5118



DY10 1AB



You can access further information on the Health and care trust external website for both Primary Care liaison and acute care liaison for people with a learning disability.



What do I do?

• I work in partnership and directly with GP practices and Primary Care

staff to support in meeting the health needs of people with a learning disability.• I support GP practices to deliver big health aim number one, ' My GP practice ', as part of the ' My Worcestershire health plan'. ' Better health outcomes for people with a learning disability'. (Delivery plan 2013-2016)

www.worcestershire.gov.uk/mylifemyhealthThis includes directives from the Learning disability strategy.www.worcestershire.gov.uk/ldstrategy

• I support GP practices to better understand the evidence based

information both locally and nationally that support the need for completion of annual health checks.

• I support the link nurse role within your GP practice.

• I provide access to easy read, accessible information for GP practices to

• I support Primary Care staff to have informed and better links with the

use. This includes :• Invite letter, including carer information.• Having a health check• My annual health check• Practice leaflet• How to complain leaflet• Staying healthy, feeling good

• My Hospital booklet/hospital passportadult and community services learning disability team, community nurses, acute liaison nurse and social work team and how to refer to this service.What can you expect?

A dedicated and responsive service that aims to build closer links between Community Learning Disability Services and Primary Care. To provide evidence based on the importance of annual health checks and how to deliver the health checks and reduce health inequality.

Acute liaison nurses

Your acute liaison nurses are:

( 22.5 hours a week) 07918748469Jane Bullock

Myself and Jane cover the Alexandra hospital in Redditch and Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

The acute liaison nurses receive 40-50 referrals every month. Most are

We collect all admission data. We know the four main reasons for hospital admission. They are:

( 37.5 hours a week ) 07767442222admitted through accident and emergency.• Urinary tract infection

• Chest infection (often from aspiration with eating and drinking difficulties)

• Complex epilepsy

• Constipation

These are in some cases preventable and the health checks can contribute to inappropriate or preventable hospital admission.

GP practice registers now include people with a learning disability from the age of 14 years onwards. (Direct enhanced service guidance)

We have just under 2,000 names on the GP practice registers countywide.

All these names are put on an oasis alert within the acute trust hospital management system.

This means the acute liaison nurses for people with a learning disability

Please contact the acute liaison nurse team direct on their mobile if your

receive a text message and e-mail to alert them to a hospital admission for someone with a learning disability. Ensuring a prompt service.relative/patient is being admitted to hospital, either planned or unplanned.Kay Dalloway


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