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Dr Jeremy Pawley, Dr Simon Hill


Dr Kim Purvis and Dr Samantha Cooke

Welcome to 

Main Road
GL20 7QN

01684 773444 

Please forward all correspondence to: hwccg.bredonhillsurgery@nhs.net



If you need to order medication or have a query the dispensary e-mail address is


Please be advised we do not currently confirm receipt of your e-mail. All requests will be dealt with on the day. E-mails received after 5pm on a Friday may not be dealt with until Monday morning




If you are asked to provide a specimen, please bring it in the sterile leak-proof container provided, to the surgery before 3.30pm for dispatch to the laboratory.  Please ensure the container is clearly labelled with your forename, surname and date of birth. 


Test Results

Test results are received throughout the day electronically into the doctors IN boxes. Once received the results can be viewed but, unless the GP has noted that they have seen them, they cannot be given out to the patient. Therefore, on occasion, if you telephone you may be told that the result has been received but not seen by the GP yet. Please have patience with the reception team if this happens, they follow a very strict protocol for this, as they are not clinically trained. 

If your test results are normal and do not require any action, we will not normally contact you. If your test results are abnormal and require any action the GP will advise reception what this is, and ask them to contact you.


If you are telephoning for results please help us by telephoning between 12 and 3pm. The receptionist will ask for your full name, date of birth and address and the date on which your test was carried out. 

Please leave at least 4 days before making enquiries.

Cervical cytology results (smears) will be posted to you.  Please allow at least 4 weeks for these results to be received.

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