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Dr Jeremy Pawley, Dr Simon Hill


Dr Kim Purvis and Dr Samantha Cooke

Welcome to 

Main Road
GL20 7QN

01684 773444 

Please forward all correspondence to: hwccg.bredonhillsurgery@nhs.net



If you need to order medication or have a query the dispensary e-mail address is


Please be advised we do not currently confirm receipt of your e-mail. All requests will be dealt with on the day. E-mails received after 5pm on a Friday may not be dealt with until Monday morning



For information with regards to the COVID-19 vaccination and appointments please see the news tab



The following email has been received, please be vigilant should you receive it do NOT respond to it.




What should you do next?


This email is coming from a nhs.net account that has been compromised (phished). You will not be able to mark it as SPAM or Junk because it’s from the ‘same organization’ (NHS.net), therefore please refer to Rules # 2 and 3.


Rule #1: Never EVER, share your password (or personal information)

Rule #2: See Rule #1! Never EVER share your password or personal details, no matter who is asking.

Rule #3: If in doubt, see Rule #1 and delete it or put the phone down!

Rule #4: Make your colleagues aware of SPAM and PHISHING emails/phone calls

Rule #5: Report it! - spamreports@nhs.net



Also remember, the COVID-19 vaccine is free of charge on the NHS. The NHS will never ask for:

your bank account or card details

your pin or banking password

copies of personal documents to prove your identity such as your passport, driving licence, bills or pay slips.



                You don’t need to apply for it

                You don’t have to pay to receive it

                You don’t need to share bank details to confirm your identity





Flu vaccination - if you have not had your vaccination please contact reception 



Eligible patients will be contacted to arrange a time to attend. Please do not contact the surgery to request an appointment as phone lines are already busy and those most at risk will be contacted first. Patients with a previous history of adverse reactions or allergies must be reviewed by a clinician before they can be offered a vaccination.


Update on Covid-19 vaccination campaign for those who have had the first vaccine - Friday 31st December 2020


The new medical advice is that the second dose of the vaccine remains effective when given up to 12 weeks after the first dose, and should be given towards the end of this 12 week period


While you will need two doses of the vaccine to get the best long-term protection from the virus, you will still have significant protection at 22 days after you received the first dose. The new guidance will also help ensure that as many people as possible benefit from the first dose of the vaccine as soon as possible. Please be reassured that there are no safety concerns in the new guidance, and it will not impact on how effective the vaccination is in protecting you from Covid-19 once the course is complete



Health and Social Care workers

One outcome from the changes to the vaccination programme is that we are now being asked to book appointments for any of our patients who work in health or social care who are eligible to have the vaccination. We will be sending out a text message about this but, if you are entitled to the vaccination because of your occupation, please call the surgery to book an appointment. This applies to those working in any health or social care setting.








FOLLOW GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES and STAY AT HOME - if you or a member of your household has tested COVID positive or you are waiting for a COVID test result please DO NOT come to the surgery to collect medication. A representative OVER THE AGE of 16 can collect on your behalf. 


There are also volunteer groups in the community who you can contact to collect medication on your behalf




















COVID Update 42





ONLY GET A TEST IF YOU HAVE CORONOVISRUS SYMPTOMS- PLEASE CALL 119 OR VISIT https://www.nhs.uk/ask-for-a-coronavirus-test












PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP - We are currently looking for new members and all are welcome. If you are interested why not pop along?

For more details on the PPG please click on the tab opposite








Collecting documents - please be advised to ensure confidentiality when collecting documents from reception you will be asked to provide photo ID (passport or driving licence card)

If you wish to send a representative please notify reception first (this excludes prescriptions).

Please advise your represenative they will be required to provide photo ID (Passport of photo card driving licence) at reception.



Text messages - We are now able to pass on simple messages, e.g. to make an appointment, information or links to other services via a new text messaging service.

For this to work we must have your up to date contact details.

If you are aged over 16 and have previously had a parent or guardian’s details on your records, please confirm your current contact information to ensure messages go to you and not someone else.

If you do not wish to be contacted via text messages please advise reception







We are a veteran friendly GP practice and if you have served in the Armed Forces please advise us via e-mail sowoccg.bredonhillsurgery@nhs.net so we can update our records. If you have a physical or mental health condition that you think may be related to your time in service please contact one of the GPs to see if we can help





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