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Dr Jeremy Pawley, Dr Simon Hill


Dr Kim Purvis, Dr Samantha Cooke and Dr Sarah Haworth

Welcome to 

Main Road
GL20 7QN

01684 773444 Please be advised we no longer have a fax machine.

Please forward all correspondence to sowoccg.bredonhillsurgery@nhs.net



If you need to order medication or have a query the dispensary e-mail address is SOWOCCG.dispensary.bredon.hill.surgery@nhs.net.

Please be advised we do not currently confirm receipt of your e-mail. All requests will be dealt with on the day. E-mails received after 5pm on a Friday may not be dealt with until Monday morning



*COVID 19 *PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN FACE MASK IF YOU ARE ASKED TO ATTEND AN APPOINTMENT. ** See below for details of the flu clinics 2020



Online prescription orders via your choosen app - the system may prompt you to add a message before sending your request. You can enter any text to override this. All medication is dispensed at Bredon Hill Surgery unless you have a nominated pharmacy.


Please can we also request that if you need to request medication for a member of the family who does not have patient access (for example a child) this request is sent via e-mail to the dispensary address above.





In these unprecedented times everything at the surgery has had to change. For the foreseeable future we will no longer see patients face to face unless there is a very urgent clinical need. All requests for advice or assessment will receive a telephone triage call or video call. Face to face assessments will be conducted with the strictest infection control measures in place.

If you need any medical advice please call the surgery. The phone lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 6.30pm 


Please be advised that despite the recent lifting of some of the lockdown restrictions, in order to ensure the safety of all of our patients and staff, we will continue to follow the guidance from NHS England 


This is a precautionary measure to allow us to ask patients questions prior to visiting the surgery.

Our primary concern is to keep patients and staff safe and to ensure the practice continues to operate effectively


If you have regular blood tests, injections or dressings, please phone the surgery for advice if you have not been contacted one week before this becomes due. 


If you are asked to come to the surgery for an appointment 

 please park UNDER the gazebo at the FRONT of the building for an injection or INR appoinment 

OR parking bays 1,2 or 3 for ALL OTHER APPOINTMENTS.

Please call the surgery to advise you have arrived.

IF there is no-one available please use the door bell on the sign - DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING 


Please can we also ask you to bring your own 'face covering/mask' 


Follow the above if you come on foot


Samples - If you are asked to return a sample to the surgery please leave this in the basket under the gazebo at the FRONT of the building

Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding during this time and we will keep you updated as the situation changes.


Please follow all current government advice and for information - see links below



Annual reviews - The reviews will be undertaken by our practice nurses and Sofia Tasleem (clinical pharmacist). Reception will contact you to book a telephone appointment with the clinician. 

You may be asked to book additional tests such as a blood test or blood pressure check - please book this by calling reception.


Smears – If you have had a letter from us to advise your smear is due; please call the surgery to book this with a practice nurse 



FLU vaccinations 2020/2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be running our flu clinics differently this year, in order to keep you and our staff safe.

If you are eligible for a flu vaccination from the NHS, you will receive a letter and be asked to book in to one of our designated flu clinics.

Please follow the instructions in the lettercall the designated phone number to book your appointment.


Anyone between the age of 6 months up to the age of 65 with a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart or kidney disease, chronic respiratory problems and lower immunity will receive a letter. Pregnant women and over 65’s are also entitled to a vaccine


Housebound patients – if it is noted on your medical records that you are housebound we will CALL YOU and advise when practice nurse can visit your home to give the vaccination.

If you do have difficulty with mobility please advise the reception when booking your appointment


Please can we ask you wear a mask when attending (unless you are exempt) 


We would appreciate your cooperation with regards to car parking.

We will be using the gazebo at the front of the building and barriers will be in place. To ensure the safety of our staff and our patients if at all possible please leave your car at home. There is availability to park in one of the three village hall car parks.



Please note that people in the 50-64-year old age group will not be vaccinated until November and December, providing there is sufficient vaccine, and no appointments will be offered for this age group until then. This is to ensure that those who are most at risk are vaccinated first.  If you are 50-64 and you are in one of the other groups which are eligible for the flu vaccination, for example you have a health condition which puts you at risk from the flu, you will be invited earlier.


Further information 




West Midlands Flu Immunisation2020/21 Newsletter 




OUT PATIENT APPOINTMENTS - If you have not recieved an appointment following a referral please contact the booking office on 0300 4226872. You will have been give paperwork with all the details of the referral


Face mask exemptions https://www.keepsafe.org.uk/mask


You do not need to wear a face covering if you have a legitimate reason not to.

This includes not being able to wear one due to:

physical or mental illness

severe distress

lung breathing conditions

Click on the link above to see further details and to print out a face covering exemption card or save it to your phone to show people


We understand some patients might be understandably anxious about the Governments announcement about the use of face masks in public areas. GP's are unfortunately not able to provide exemption letters



COVID Update 42


Share your experiences during Covid 19 - Survery


Experiences for people with learning disabilities and autism - Covid Survey


Coronovirus - general information 

If you need information please use the website links below rather than telephoning 111, as the service is currently experiencing a high volume of calls


If you are concerned you may have coronvirus or may have come in to contact with someone who has , please go to https://111.nhs.uk/service/covid-19 for advice on your circumstances



IF YOU NEED TO GET A TEST - PLEASE CALL 119 OR VISIT https://www.nhs.uk/ask-for-a-coronavirus-test




***Advice for the NHS in England ***


The advice issued by the Chief Medical Officer is to stay at home for 10 days from the onset of symptoms if you have either:


• a high temperature (of 37.8 degrees centigrade or higher)


• a NEW continuous cough OR fever OR loss of/change in smell or taste


Other members of the household should self-isolate for 14 days from the onset of symptoms in the first household member 




Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or a hospital. You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you're staying at home.



Use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service if:


• you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home

• your condition gets worse

• your symptoms do not get better after 7 days


Only call 111 if you cannot get help online


Stay At Home advice can be found here.




Everyone is being reminded to follow Public Health England advice to:

  • Always carry a tissue and catch your cough or sneeze. Then bn the tisue and wash your hands or use a sanatiser gel.
  • Wash your hands regularly especially after being in public areas or use a sanatiser gel.
  • Avoid touching your hands,nose or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell.


Public health is available on the PHE .gov website (includes all government advice):


Test and trace information https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing-and-tracing/


As we all know extra weight puts extra pressure on the body. This makes it harder to fight against diseases like cancer, heart disease and now, Covid-19. Losing weight can help reduce the risk.





Useful links for parents/gaurdians

Information for parents/gaurdians if your child has to self isolate




Information remains subject to regular change and updates. 



Dispensary - Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Closed 1-2pm


Place your order 7-10 days before your supply is due to run out. Then allow 72 hours/3 working days BEFORE COLLECTION


E.G. If you order on the weekend the prescription will be ready on Wednesday of the following week


We appreciate you do not want a wasted trip however; the current workload dispensary and admin are facing and current staff levels mean we are not able to take calls to confirm when your prescription will be ready. Please follow the above guidelines


Extra medication - if you need to place your order early and/or request extra medication please add a note to your order to confirm the reason for the request e.g. going on holiday. If you order via patient access there is a space to add a note.  ***IF YOU ARE ORDERING EXTRA MEDICATION PLEASE CHECK YOU HAVE EVERYTHING WHEN COLLECTING **

Medication reviews are not being carried out at the moment. Medication will be issued on receipt of your request as normal. 


Card payments only please, but if you can only pay with cash you must bring the exact amount (£9 per item / £9.15 from 1st April). 

Exemptions - it is YOUR RESPONSILITY to ensure you have provided us with the correct details


Placing orders - We are not taking requests for repeat prescriptions over the phone

If you do not have patient access to request medication online, you can e-mail your request – the e-mail address is on our web page – please provide your name, date of birth and the item(s) you need.


Repeat slips/requests for medication can be posted in the post box on the gate. Please can we ask you DO NOT leave any samples in the post box as these will have to be destroyed.


Collections - Please follow the signs. WAIT AT THE BARRIER and stand 2 metres apart from anyone else


A representative over the age of 16 can collect on your behalf. Please advise the representative of the number of itmes they are collecting if possible. Please be reminded if you are sending a representative to collect controlled drugs they will need to provide phot ID - Driving licence or passport.

You do not need to advise us if someone else is collecting on your behalf



Pharmacy2u - You may have recieved a letter in the post inviting you to get your repeat prescriptions via Pharmacy2U or other companies. Please support us to continue to providing our dispensing service to you and your family by ignoring the correspondence and continuing to get your prescription from the dispensary or your local pharmacy.


Other services (subject to change)


Cheltenham ED will become a Minor Injuries and Illness Unit (MIIU) from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week and will be closed overnight during the temporary period. The ED will continue to be staffed by nurses and senior doctors to see patients with less serious conditions. An enhanced Ambulatory Emergency Care service (AEC), operating Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, will remain to see patients referred by their GP who require specialist review but are unlikely to require admission and also to enable previously discharged patients to be followed up in CGH. The changes are effective from Tuesday 9 June 2020.


XRAY - services are closed Tewkesbury Comminity Hospital 

Evesham - open by appointment only 

please contact reception if you have been asked to book an xray.


Minor Injury Units - Evesham is closed. A & E is open or contact 111 for advice

Tewkesbury minor injuries unit

Opening times:

8am - 8pm 7 days a week
This is by telephone triage for 1st appointment. Patient to call 0300 421 6100 option 4 or call 111.

District Nurses - Neighbourhood Team


Services may be reduced.  If you need to contact the Neighbourhood Team please call 01386 502028


Worcestershire Midwives have advised that they will only be seeing the following women in clinic until further notice: 
Those that are newly pregnant for 1st appts (must be 9/10 weeks)
Those that are 28 weeks pregnant 
Those that are 36 weeks pregnant 
They have adived if any pregnant patient is concerned then they can call midwife team or maternity triage- Midwife Worcs 01386 502323 Midwife Triage (Glos Hospital) - 0300 4225541 Midwife Triage (Worcs Hospital)-01905 733196



The physiotherapist will not attend the surgery for physiotherapy clinics
Moria will phone all the patients currently booked for an appointment to give advice


https://www.hacw.nhs.uk/visiting - Worestershire Hospitals





For anyone who needs to socially distance themselves for a while due to COVID-19, it may be difficult to remian positive - this will impact on the emotional wellbeing of us all.


Please remeber there is a wide range of help out there for adults and young people :


Samaritans - Available 24hrs a day, free to call, providing a listening ear for anyone who needs to talk



SHOUT - free text service for anyone needing support in a crisis, just text 85258 https://www.giveusashout.org


KOOTH - Online counselling and emotional wellbeing support for young people aged 11-18 - please register using Worcesterhsire as your location



Worecstershire Healthy Minds - offering a range of support to anyone aged 16 including online self help information







There are also a range of emotional well-being apps for children and adults - most free of charge https://www.nhs.uk/apps-library/


Other useful websites -

https://www.ageuk.org.uk/herefordshireandworcestershire/our-services/coronavirus - Age UK


Hospitals - 

http://www.hacw.nhs.uk/covid19 - Worcestershire hospital services

https://www.gloshospitals.nhs.uk/…/se…/changes-our-services - Gloucestershire Hospitals


https://www.startingwellworcs.nhs.uk- support for children, young people and famalies

Guide to services


https://www.talk2someone.org.uk - Domestic abuse



Move more activities for September



PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP - We are currently looking for new members and all are welcome. If you are interested why not pop along?

For more details on the PPG please click on the tab opposite








Collecting documents - please be advised to ensure confidentiality when collecting documents from reception you will be asked to provide photo ID (passport or driving licence card)

If you wish to send a representative please notify reception first (this excludes prescriptions).

Please advise your represenative they will be required to provide photo ID (Passport of photo card driving licence) at reception.



Text messages - We are now able to pass on simple messages, e.g. to make an appointment, information or links to other services via a new text messaging service.

For this to work we must have your up to date contact details.

If you are aged over 16 and have previously had a parent or guardian’s details on your records, please confirm your current contact information to ensure messages go to you and not someone else.

If you do not wish to be contacted via text messages please advise reception




Paper prescription forms are changing - if you are entitled to free prescriptions make sure you tick the right box




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