Covid-19 General Information and Useful Links

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Face Mask Exemptions 

You do not need to wear a face-covering if you have a legitimate reason not to. This includes not being able to wear one due to:

  • Physical or mental illness
  • Severe distress
  • Lung breathing conditions

Click on the link above to see further details and to print out a face-covering exemption card or save it to your phone to show people.

  • We understand some patients might be understandably anxious about the Government announcement about the use of face masks in public areas. GP’s are unfortunately not able to provide exemption letters.

Share your experiences during Covid 19.

Experiences for people with learning disabilities and autism.

Coronavirus – General Information

If you need information please use the website links below rather than telephoning 111, as the service is currently experiencing a high volume of calls.

If you are concerned you may have coronavirus or may have come in contact with someone who has, please go to for advice on your circumstances.

Advice From the NHS in England

The advice issued by the Chief Medical Officer is to stay at home for 10 days from the onset of symptoms if you have either:

• A high temperature (of 37.8 degrees centigrade or higher).


• A new continuous cough or fever or  loss of/change in smell or taste.

Other members of the household should self-isolate for 14 days from the onset of symptoms in the first household member.

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy, or hospital. You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you’re staying at home.

Use the NHS 111 online Coronavirus Service if:

• You feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home,

• Your condition gets worse,

• Your symptoms do not get better after 7 days,

Only call 111 if you cannot get help online

Stay At Home advice can be found here.

Everyone is being reminded to follow Public Health England advice to:

  • Always carry a tissue and catch your cough or sneeze. Then bn the tissue and wash your hands or use a sanitizer gel.
  • Wash your hands regularly especially after being in public areas or use a sanitizer gel.
  • Avoid touching your hands, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell.
  • Wear a face mask

As we all know extra weight puts extra pressure on the body. This makes it harder to fight against diseases like cancer, heart disease and now, Covid-19. Losing weight can help reduce the risk.

Useful Links for Parents/Guardians

The thought of lockdown again may be causing anxiety and stress, not only for adults but children too. Please remember NHS Mental Hervices avaliable for those who need support.

For information on mental health services for children and young people visit –

Please see the News tab for other useful Links.

Information remains subject to regular change and updates.