Importance of Attending to Urgent “two-week wait” Referral in Hospital

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Your GP feels your symptoms or recent test results require further investigation to rule out cancer or serious disease.

Whilst your symptoms may indicate you have cancer, the majority of patients referred under the two week wait appointment scheme do not.

What is a ‘Two week wait’ Referral?

A ‘Two Week Wait’ referral is a request from your GP to ask the hospital for an urgent appointment or investigatioon/specialist tests within 14 days. GP’s can diagnose and treat most symptoms themselves, however on some occassions a hospital assessment is required.

What Happens Next?

You will be contacted by the HOSPITAL informing you of the date and time of your appointment, test(s) or investigations. This will be within two weeks of the referal date at one of the three main Worcestershire Hospital sites.

Please make sure you will be available and that we have the correct contact details for you

Your Appointment

Prior to your appointment, you will be given further information about what will happen next depending upon your symptoms.