Worcestershire Midwives

The Evesham Community Midwives Team is now known as the Abbey Team Midwives.

The Midwife team will be seeing the following women in clinic: 
Those that are newly pregnant for 1st appts (must be 9/10 weeks).
Those that are 28 weeks pregnant.
Those that are 36 weeks pregnant.

Contact details:

Midwife 01386 502323 , Open 8.30am -9.30am / leave a message

Worcestershire Maternity Triage service – Tel: 01905 733196

Gloucestershire Maternity Triage service – 0300 422 5541 (urgent clinical enquiries 03004225542/5523/2324)

If you are concerned during your pregnancy and can not get in contact with their midwife please contact the above triage service.