Fees for Third Party and Non-NHS Services

Our doctors carry out a wide range of medical reports and investigations at the request of patients either directly or by other agencies such as solicitors, insurance companies, local authorities etc on their behalf.

There is a charge for this type of work because it does not form part of the NHS and is therefore classed as private income. The amount of work varies greatly and has to be reflected in the fees. We always follow any guidelines recommended by the British Medical Association and monitor our charges regularly to make sure they are fair and reflect the amount of work required by the Doctors and administration staff.

In some cases, the company/third party requesting their information may pay the fee or you may be asked to make the payment yourself.

Please contact reception with details of your request and the fee payable will be confirmed.

We would like to remind patients that what often appears to be a simple private form only requiring a Doctor’s signature, is more complex as the doctor does have to review your full medical records before signing; this is their professional responsibility. For this reason, you should allow up to 28 days for this work to be carried out.