Prescription Dispensary Information

New patients

Following your registration if you need medication, if possible, please provide the dispensary with a copy of your repeat prescription slip from your previous surgery marking the medication you require.

You records transfer electronically (unless you have moved from Scotland or Wales, moved from abroad or been in the armed forces) and there can sometimes be a delay. If we do not have your full records when we receive your prescription request, we will contact your previous UK surgery for a summary to allow us to issue the medication OR we may ask you for a copy of your records. This may cause a delay in dispensing.

Hereford and Worcestershire CCG restrict repeat prescribing to monthly so you will only get one month’s supply of medication and you will need to reorder each month 7-10 days before you run out.

Medication may not show as being “on repeat “initially as the details may need to be reviewed by a clinician.

Some medications will not be listed as a repeat such as controlled drugs.

We dispense to around 85% of our patients. Working within the NHS Guidelines, if you live within a mile of a pharmacy (e.g., Northway) we will ask you to nominate a pharmacy. Prescriptions will then be sent electronically via EPS (Electronic Prescribing System). You will be a non-dispensing patient. Your order will need to be placed via the surgery, but each pharmacy will advise you with regards to collection.

Non-Dispensing patients – UPDATE February 2024. Boots Tewkesbury are no longer taking repeat requests. Please order via one of the methods listed below. We will then send your prescription electronically; the normal processing will apply.

Dispensing patients – If you do not wish for us to dispense to you, please advise the dispensary.

If you wish to order via Patient Access, you will need to register with reception for this service

Online services are for each individual patient, and this linked to your medical records. If you need to request medication for someone else who does not have their own patient access login the request is made via e-mail. Children under age 16 are not currently eligible
for the online service.

Acute Prescriptions

A clinician may prescribe medication item(s) on an acute prescription for a particular episode of illness, or some medications are “acute” as this requires monitoring by a clinician before being placed on repeat.

If we do not have these item(s) in stock, we can usually obtain them for you the same day or the following morning as we get two deliveries per day. If we cannot get the item(s) we can provide you with a signed prescription to take to a pharmacy.

If you require a further prescription of an acute medication, please request this in the same way you would a repeat. The pharmacy will then send the request to a clinician. Please allow an extra WORKING DAY for the request to be reviewed. If a clinician needs to speak to you, we will contact you and arrange a phone call.

Repeat Prescriptions

Dispensing times are NORMALLY 72 hours/3 WORKING days but at busier times of the year this is subject to change.

Non-urgent advice: Please note

We do not accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone.

Please order your repeat prescriptions in the following ways using the repeat slip on your
prescription or as a written request:

  1. In person – use your repeat slip or write on a piece of paper. Post this in the black
    mailbox on the front gate post
  2. By post to the main Practice address
  3. Email: – we do not confirm when
    medication is ready. You will get an auto reply e-mail.
  4. Via our website – Patient access. You need to be
    registered to use the service, please contact reception.
  5. If you use the NHS app, you will need online access activated to be able to order
  6. Patient Triage – Via our website. This is a text message service sent as an admin

Medication may show as approved or rejected if you use patient access or the NHS App. Please be advised the details do not always match up with our internal system and normal dispensing times apply.

Need additional medication or ordering early (e.g., for travel purposes) PLEASE ADVISE US when ordering – add a note to this repeat slip or add a message if ordering via patient access/via e-mail. We can issue a 3-month supply with agreement from the GP/pharmacist. If you pay for medication this will incur a charge for each item.


You can collect in person or send a representative (over the age of 16) during dispensary opening hours.

Dispensary is closed 1.00pm-2.00pm Monday-Friday

Requests for controlled drugs or drugs that require regular monitoring (e.g., warfarin or some controlled drugs), may take an extra working day to process. Please advise the dispenser when collecting if you have controlled drugs. Please check you have all the medication before leaving as there can be more than one bag.

REPEAT medication items should be available on:
(Ordered by you)
MondayNORMALLY Wednesday
WednesdayFriday afternoon
ThursdayMonday afternoon
Friday, Saturday, or SundayTuesday after 5pm or Wednesday of the following week
The above applies regardless of how you place your order and is subject to change at busier times

Please allow an EXTRA Working Day when there is a bank holiday

If you have an exemption; for example, you receive tax credits, please provide proof and we can note this on our records so that you are not required to provide this each time.

If you do need to speak to a member of the dispensary team with a prescription query, please contact reception who will pass details to dispensary and arrange a call back.

Prescription Delivery Service

We offer a FREE monthly prescription delivery service to the elderly or housebound patients. Referral for this service will be via a clinician who is involved with the care of the patient.

Dosette Box Service

We offer a FREE dosette box service to patients.

Patients are normally referred to the dispensary staff by the GPs or another health professional.

Non-urgent advice: Please note

Please contact the dispensary staff if you feel you or someone you care for would benefit from the above service(s)

Novo Nordisk Pen Recycling

Your pre-filled Novo Nordisk pens can now be recycled!

You return it, we recycle it!

Free style Libra Sensors – if your sensor does not last for the 14 days, up to 3 faulty sensors will be replaced by the manufacturers. Please call The Abbott Customer Care Line on 0800 170 1177or e-mail You will need details from the packaging and to call on the day the problem is identified.

Hospital prescriptions

If you are given a prescription by a consultant or clinician following a hospital appointment, we are not able to dispense this from the surgery. Please take the prescription to the onsite pharmacy at the hospital or a local pharmacy.

If you are to continue with the medication the Consultant will advise the surgery in writing. This will be added to your medication list. We will not automatically issue this without a request from you.