Physiotherapy (Self Referral) – Evesham Community Hospital

If you wish to be seen by a physiotherapist please go to the ’ Move to Improve website’. There is a self referral form to complete and your request will go straight to the hospital for review.

The Musculoskeletal self-referral form is only for MSK conditions, not Women’s Health, Neuro physio domiciliary, etc. Please ask your GP for advice if you are unsure.

Before you complete the self-referral form you will be asked:

Have you been using the advice and tips on the self-help sections for around 8 weeks?
Are you still feeling pain or discomfort?
Are you registered with a GP practice in Evesham, Droitwich, Pershore, Malvern, Tenbury, Worcester, Upon, Redditch or Bromsgrove? Bredon Hill Surgery falls under Evesham/Pershore

If you wish to attend Tewkesbury Community Hospital the request will need to be discussed with a doctor
If you have answered yes to all the above then you should complete the below form, providing as much information as possible

First Contact Physiotherapy 

  • Please contact reception if you have any queries.
  • This service provides direct access to a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist for the initial assessment.
  • It is designed to be a face to face triage service rather than a traditional treatment service.
  • First contact physiotherapists (FCP) will provide expert assessment, diagnosis, and management of soft tissue, muscle, and joint conditions.