Patient Participation Group

For a number of years, the doctors and staff at Bredon Hill Surgery have been supported by a group of patient volunteers who make up the Patient Participation Group – PPG. There is no restriction on who can be a member of the group, or of how many members we can have – all you need to be is a patient of the practice or the carer of a patient registered with the practice.

We aim to meet four times a year, usually on a Monday evening as this has been the most acceptable time for those who attend. Meetings are friendly informal and usually last for about an hour and a half.  Most of the agenda items are set by the practice but we encourage group members to raise their own questions so that these can be explored and responded to. However, we cannot discuss individual patients or concerns about their specific care.

Ideally, the group should have members of all ages, backgrounds, and from all parts of the practice area. New members are always welcome and if you would like to know more about what is involved, please contact the reception team (01684 773444 or

Their Details are as Follows:

Jennifer Schroder                                      

Kay Forster                                 

David Ward                                 

Faith Hallett                                

Kevin Falvey                               

Michael Barrett                            

Joyce Tole-Moir                           

John Wiffen                                 

Mike Johns                                 

Ann Marsh                                  

Wendy Roberts                           

Bernard Platman                          

Jennifer Schroder

Carolyn Cam

Susan Knowles 01684 773030

We are currently looking for new members to enhance our group, please contact Angela Maile, Practice Manager, via reception on if you are interested in attending.

Our Members

  • Mike Barrett
  • Kevin Falvey

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